A serial entrepreneur holds a diversified investment portfolio and various business ventures that aren’t all related to a single industry. Elicko Taieb being one of the most successful serial entrepreneurs the world has ever seen, accomplished great feats in the modern business world. He has operated as an entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and branding expert for almost two decades. Today, he has many accomplishments under his belt related to the electronic cigarettes industry.

In the list of business ventures he opted for, Smoking Everywhere was a popular one. He had the idea to start an electronic cigarette company in the US to fill the market gaps. However, his company met various hurdles and legal complications before becoming massively successful. Here’s more.

Elicko Taieb: The District Court Case

It all started when the Food and Drug Administration Authority in the US started imposing several restrictions on importing and producing electronic cigarettes. The reasons behind this involved FDA’s speculations that Smoking Everywhere and another e-cig company, Sottera Inc, were using fraudulent marketing practices.

The authority believed the marketing of e-cig products as treatment options for nicotine withdrawals was unlawful as there was no legal evidence as to how that could happen. However, Elicko Taieb was firm in stating that the intentions of his company’s marketing team weren’t o do so. This started a series of legal cases and processes. The FDA used one of its active acts to justify the bans, while Elicko Taieb insisted that the company was misunderstood in its marketing practices.

When the case kept going, the judiciary committee decided to suspend the bans and lift the restrictions from Sottera Inc. and Smoking Everywhere. Hence, Eli Taieb won through his dedication and the will to keep his company alive in the US. The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act that the FDA was using to impose severe restrictions on Smoking Everywhere and Sottera Inc.

Elicko Taieb outlined that the e-cig products weren’t produced to treat nicotine withdrawal symptoms from traditional cigarettes. He implied that modern e-cigs also fulfilled the same purpose by stirring demand for nicotine-associated products.

Smoking Everywhere and FDA: Elicko Wins!

The case fell in danger, and the chances of Elicko Taieb losing kept increasing as the FDA stood firm against Smoking Everywhere. In May 2009, Eli Taieb, with the help of Sottera Inc., filed a preliminary injunction. Firstly, this prevented the FDA from placing import restrictions on electronic cigarette products meant for both companies. The court addressed the said injunction in January 2010.


While Eli Taieb won the case against FDA, the authority still passed an appeal to the US Court of Appeals. However, the appeal was put aside, and the operations of Smoking Everywhere continued. The de-regulation of the company’s import allowed Eli to make it successful once again. Through Elicko Taieb’s efforts and sheer will, Sottera Inc was saved from the FDA’s bans and restrictions.

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