Elicko Taieb began his entrepreneurial career with the ambition to become successful and maximize profits as much as possible. At the start of his career, he only had his education and a passion for becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs that the world has ever seen. Today, Eli Taieb is well on his way to achieving that goal. He started with the food industry and has now ventured into various industries US industries. The major industries in his business and investment portfolio include food, CBD, pest control, daily deals aggregation, and real estate. 

But, you may not know that one of his biggest achievements lies in the electronic cigarette industry. He maintained a high-profile and was the owner of one of the nation’s first e-cig companies. Smoking Everywhere was the brainchild of Elicko Taieb. Let’s take a look at how FDA tried putting barriers that prevented Smoking Everywhere from progressing.

Elicko Taieb – Electronic Cigarette Business Ventures

Elicko Taieb was responsible for numerous business startups, but one of his major business startups was Smoking Everywhere, a brand in the electronic cigarettes industry. With his expertise, he accomplished feats that are only imaginable by some entrepreneurs. He not only took the company to the next level of success but also freed it from the clutches of the US Food and Drug Administration. Elicko Taieb fought a legal case against the FDA on behalf of his company, Smoking Everywhere, and it’s a landmark in his list of accomplishments.

The legal cases were an influential part of his career’s growth. The FDA vs. Smoking Everywhere/ Sottera Inc. is a popular District Court Case that was well-fought by all parties. Nevertheless, being an expert and mastermind at seeking success, Eli Taieb came on top with a victory against the FDA. 

Elicko Taieb – Sottera Inc. and Smoking Everywhere Win!

Eli Taieb filed a lawsuit against the FDA when the government authority used one of its acts to restrict Smoking Everywhere’s business operations, including production and import. The FDA stated that the products by Smoking Everywhere were falsely advertised as treatment devices for nicotine withdrawal. However, this was powerfully overtaken by Elicko Taieb, stating that the purpose of electronic cigarettes was similar to traditional cigarettes.

Hence, he made his point clear and justified the operations of Smoking Everywhere from all aspects. The FDA used the FDCA act to restrict the import of c-cig for Eli’s company. But, with the victory against the FDA stating that the e-cigs also stirred up demand for nicotine products, Eli Taieb got rid of the bans. 

On January 14th, 2010, the district court granted an injunction that allowed Elicko Taieb to continue the operations at Smoking Everywhere and keep selling e-cig products. 


Elicko Taieb kept insisting that the court make the right decision after seeing all the facts and figures right in front of them. He was keen that the company would become victorious against FDA’s regarding nicotine treatment device-related marketing tactics. Eli Taieb went on with further business ventures after exploring countless ideas and started another electronic cigarette associated company called “Vaporin.”

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