Have you ever seen an investor who has businesses in many industries but never has failed?

Well, of course, it’s hard to find a person that can become successful in almost every business they start. Even most of the renowned serial entrepreneurs get successful in one or two of their list of businesses. However, luck always favored Elicko Taieb. He established companies in the food, hospitality, fitness, and other industries and became successful in every sector.

But nothing comes for free- you need to put effort, give time, and face challenges in the path of success; this is what Eli Taieb has done.

About Elicko Taieb

Elicko Taieb is one of the most popular and successful serial entrepreneurs in the United States. He is one of the few investors and serial entrepreneurs who have produced a diverse range of products and services in different industries. Not only this, but his products are also the most distributed items in the market.

The best part is that he has worked in multiple industries in America. Food, CBD, e-cig, drugs, and fitness are some of the most popular markets that Elicko has worked in his 20 years of investing career. Due to his exceptional skills, tremendous efforts, and knowledge of markets, he got successful in all the sectors.

Elicko Taieb and Falls Case

It’s true that when you want to achieve something, you also have to face several problems. That’s what happened with Elicko when he established one of the leading companies in the cigarette industry, i.e., Smoking Everywhere.

When Eli Taieb was enjoying earning significant profits, he faced a lawsuit. FDA banned the company from operating and stopped its import and production. You also need to know that Smoking Everywhere was not the only brand that had experienced legal bans and restrictions. Sotter Inc, a partner company of Smoking Everywhere, also fought against the FDA for banning them without any proof.

According to the FDA, Smoking Everywhere was manufacturing products that were harmful to people. They also blamed Elicko for using nicotine elements in his products. Of course, it was hard to face these restrictions and bans, especially when they were on the road to success. But Elicko took it as a challenge to prove that his products are safe for human health and don’t have any side effects.

Keep in mind that FDA not only banned this company but also labeled their products “unapproved cessation electronic smoking devices.” For the better, Eli won the case against the FDA. Fortunately, in 2009, both the cigarette brands got permission to begin manufacturing, distributing, and importing products.

Additionally, the preliminary injunction from the District Court of Columbia nullified all the restrictions and bans of the FDA. This injunction also had claimed that Smoking Everywhere didn’t’ produce any product containing nicotine.

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