Do you think it is easy to become a serial entrepreneur? Well, the answer is No. It requires a lot of potential, extensive knowledge, and experience to grow potentially in several businesses at a time. Notably, Elicko Taieb achieved and worked in different industries and gained success. He assisted companies in increasing their profitability and generating more revenue. He has good know-how to utilize his skills and experience to achieve the targeted results.

Interestingly, he worked in numerous industries, including pest control services, drugs, real estate, food, etc., with a high success rate.

It is essential to keep in mind that it is not easy to succeed in any field easily. You need to devote a lot of time and effort. So, Eli did the same and achieved the desired results.

About Eli Taieb

Eli started his first business about two decades ago in the food industry. After putting efforts, he expanded his business and moved to other industries, including drugs, CBD oil, real estate, e-cigarettes, and fitness. Besides, Elicko served many companies with his skills for brand consultation, advertising, marketing, etc., which helped him reach potential clients.

Eli Taieb and Legal case

We all need to overcome several challenges and struggles to achieve our goals. The same case happened with Taieb when he launched the company, Smoking Everywhere in the e-cigarette industry.

When the business started to produce results, and he was earning a suitable profit, he had to face the challenge of a lawsuit. FDA banned the production of products and restricted imports of products. Smoking Everywhere was not only the company that met the challenges. Another company Sottera Inc also faced a lawsuit.

FDA stated that the company was manufacturing products that were harmful to human health. Unfortunately, they added that Smoking Everywhere was using nicotine and other hazardous elements in its products. However, Taieb used all his efforts to prove that he was not using any harmful components.

FDA also demanded the termination of electronic smoking devices that harmed the company’s credibility. However, after the complete legislation process, the company got permission in 2009 to continue its business for e-cigarettes. Overall, Elicko Taieb got the results of his efforts in the end. Legal issues are not easy to deal with, as they harm the company’s credibility too. It requires a lot of effort and time to tackle these matters. Finally, the District Court of Columbia removed all the restrictions and bans, so Eli got fruitful results from his efforts. 

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